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Bamboo Shades Group 2

A contemporary window treatment that has a unique tropical appeal, they bring the beauty of nature indoors and provide insulation from summer's heat and winter's cold. They are constructed out of natural material combinations, including Bamboo, Rattan, Reeds, Jutes, and Wood. They lift and lower with the use of a pull cord. When raised, the shade material gathers in folds in a Roman shade style. A built-in matching valance provides added elegance and appeal. Great look inside and out.

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Product Color:
Mount Position: Outside
Lift Position: Left
Waterfall Shade: Yes
EZ-Lift: Yes
Cordless Lift System: Yes
Top Down/Bottom Up: Yes
Shades on one headrail:   
Motorization Kit
(with remote and charger):
Hold Down Brackets: Yes
Extension Brackets: Yes
Spacer Blocks: Yes
Room Name:
Window #:
Unit price:
Total price:

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  • 4060 Madras Bone

    Madras Bone

  • 4061 Madras Chamois

    Madras Chamois

  • 4300 Saipan Teawash

    Saipan Teawash

  • 4301 Saipan Tortoise

    Saipan Tortoise

  • 4303 Urban Skyline

    Urban Skyline

  • 4305 Malabar


  • 4313 Madras Midnight

    Madras Midnight

  • 4315 Mahogany Tortoise

    Mahogany Tortoise

  • 4317 Lanai Cinnamon

    Lanai Cinnamon

  • B330 Bamboo Dusk

    Bamboo Dusk

  • B550 Luzon


  • B770 Aris Tea

    Aris Tea

  • C4610 Java


  • C4650 Bamboo Dreams

    Bamboo Dreams

Color Disclaimer

Factory Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 8"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 96"
  • Headrail Size: 5/8" x 2 1/4"
  • Minimum mounting Space: 1" (1 1/2" for Motorized / Ez Lift / Cordless)
  • Flush Mounting Space: 2" (3" for Motorized / Ez Lift / Cordless)

Factory deductions

Inside Mount - width

  • Headrail: 1/2"
  • Valance: 1/2"
  • Fabric: 1/2" (For EZ-Lift the deduction is 1", with 1/4" on idle side and 3/4" on control side)

Outside Mount - width

  • Headrail: none
  • Valance: none
  • Fabric: none (For EZ-Lift the deduction is 1/2" on control side)
Woven Wood Shades - Traditional Style

Traditional Shade

  • Standard lift cord operation
  • Woven material attaches to the back of narrow wood headrail
  • 6" high standard valance included
Woven Wood Shades - Waterfall Style

Waterfall Shade

  • Woven material attaches to front of wood headrail while 6" high standard valance attaches to back of the rail to conceal the components
  • Cord control comes out the front of the shade through an oval grommet hole, except EZ-Lift - control loop is behind fabric
  • No additional charge
Woven Wood Shades - EZ-Lift Continuous Cord Clutch

EZ-Lift Continuous Cord Clutch

  • Allows for precise positioning of the shade while the continuous loop control stays the same length
  • Eliminates dangling cords - safer for children and pets
  • Comes with cord tensioning safety device which must be installed for shade to operate
  • Available with attached liner option (operable liner option not available)
  • Color-coordinated chain loop
  • Available in Waterfall style - control loop is positioned behind shade fabric
Woven Wood Shades - Top Down / Bottom Up

Top Down / Bottom Up

  • Top Down feature lets you lower the top of the shade while Bottom Up allows the shade to also be raised from the bottom
  • Left cord operates top of shade while right cord operates bottom of shade
  • Available with attached liner option (operable liner option not available)
Woven Wood Shades - Cordless Lift

Cordless Lift

  • Simply push up on the bottom rail to raise and pull down to lower
  • Not all patterns are available with Cordless Lift option
  • Cordless lift is available on shades with attached liner and/or shades with edge banding
  • Available as Standard and 2-on-1 headrail
  • Cordless lift shades are produced with a 1 1/4" x 3/8" rectangle hem bar rolled into the hem
Woven Wood Shades - Motorization


  • Rechargeable battery options to operate shades up to 96" x 96"
  • Simplicity + Automate™ 1.1 max 37 sq ft (some limitations apply)
  • Automate™ Q2.0 max 96"x96"
Woven Wood Shades - Two on One Headrail

2-on-1 Headrail

  • Two separate shades on one continuous headrail
  • Perfect for larger windows
  • Available in Standard, EZ-Lift, Motorized and Cordless Lift
Woven Wood Shades - Operable Liner

Operable Liner

Our unique operable pleated liner raises and lowers independently of your woven wood shade giving you total control over light and privacy

  • Shares the same headrail so no additional depth clearance is required
  • Shades with operable liner will have 2 cord controls
  • Operable liner cannot be combined with specialty shape options, such as Top Down/Bottom Up, Ez Lift, Motorization or Cordless Lift
  • Light Filtering and Room Darkening Liners are available in White only
  • Liner over 72" wide will be overlapped
  • Please note: Light will shine through the rout holes of the pleated liner
Woven Wood Shades - Attached Liner

Attached Liner

Attached fabric liners provide additional control over light and privacy

  • Room darkening liners are white to the street, color faces the shade unless otherwise specified at time of order
  • Attached liner is available on all standard and specialty shapes
  • Lift cords are color-coordinated to the woven material; dark color cords will be visible against light or white colored liners
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