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Opt for light-filtering cellular shades to bring a warm glow to any room

For some, it is an eye-pleasing look that is crucial when selecting window coverings. For others, energy efficiency and privacy management are more important criteria. But what if there were treatments offering all those landmark features in one go? If you think it’s too good to be really available, get ready to switch sides at Home Blinds of America. From now on, you can benefit from the filtered sunlight, cordless design, appealing textures, and everything in between by investing in our honeycomb cellular shades.

Whether you are looking for the unique window treatments for your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, our insulated cellular shades are the best you can get. They are made of premium light-filtering fabrics that account not only for softly diffused sun rays but also your home’s energy efficiency. Thus, if you are fed up with being landed with huge electricity bills on a monthly basis, be sure to get our cellular shades installed. These window treatments will make your home a welcoming place while providing it with superior insulation and UV protection of up to 99%. Sounds good? Go for them and start saving a great deal of money every month! What is more, we now put our affordable cellular shades on sale, allowing you to buy them at a fraction of the price.

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Premium Cellular Shades Light Filtering 3/8" Double Cell
Premium Cellular Shades Blackout 3/4" Single Cell
Premium Cellular Shades Cordless Light Filtering 3/4" Single Cell

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