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Cordless Woven Honeycomb Shades NEW

Cordless Honeycomb Shades - Portrait™ Light Filtering Woven

Introducing a new era of luxury, style and innovation in honeycomb fabric. Our new Woven Honeycomb Collection is high-fashion and full of heritage inspired woven details. Offering a look that's rich yet streamlined, sharp yet soft. And with the benefit of our advanced honeycomb technology, the New Woven Honeycomb Collection is also ultra low maintenance - geared for years of enjoyment, and made to augment the comfort of your room with breathtaking luxe appeal.

  • New G6 Cordless System. Simply lower and stop at any position to lock your shade in place
  • The perfect solution for homes with children and pets
  • Easy to operate, and eliminates cords for a streamlined appearance
Norman Certified Best for Kids

Light Filtering

For a range of UV blockage, from 88% to 97% UV blockage, to help you create the perfect mellowed out area.

Energy Efficiency

Utilizing unique construction and advanced materials Portrait™ is made to insulate better. Experience fabric technologies that will make you feel more comfortable and save on energy

How to measure? Measuring Tape

Product Type:
Product Color:
Cell Size:
Mount Position: Outside
Lift System:
PVC Light Guard: Yes
Cut-Out: Yes

(per side)
Hold Downs: Traditional
(Shim) Spacer Block: Yes

(per shim)
Room Name:
Window #:
Unit price:
Total price:

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  • Linen Weave F0908

    Linen Weave F0908

  • Rustic Antique White F1282

    Rustic Antique White F1282

  • Coffee F1283

    Coffee F1283

  • Burnt Ember F1284

    Burnt Ember F1284

  • Black Magic F1285

    Black Magic F1285


  • Almond Milk F1299

    Almond Milk F1299

  • Flax F1300

    Flax F1300

  • Sand F1301

    Sand F1301

  • Khaki F1302

    Khaki F1302

  • Dune F1303

    Dune F1303

Color Disclaimer

Size Considerations

Lift System/Product Width Length Max Area (sqft)
Min Max Min Max
Cordless 15 1/2" 86" 10" 86" 51.4
Cordless TDBU 15 1/2" 78" 10" 86" 46.6

Standard Deductions

Product Mounting Shade Width(X) Shade Height(Y) PVC light guard length
Order Width Measurement Tolerance Order Height Measurement Tolerance
Cordless & Cordless TDBU IB X=Order Width - 3/8" Measure shade from left to right ±1/8" Y=Order Height Measure from the top of the headrail to the bottom of bottom rail (when the shade is at full extension) +1/2" ~ +3" Order Height - 1/8"

Mounting Depths

Lift Systems 3/8" Single 9/16" Single 1/2" Double 3/4" Single 3/4" Double 1 1/4" Single
Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM
Cordless & Cordless TDBU N/A 2" 1 3/8" N/A 2 11/16" 1 1/2"

Various Cell Sizes

  • 3/4" Single Cell
  • 1-1/4" Single Cell

Lift Systems & Applications

  • Cordless Bottom Up
  • Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up

Light Guard

  • PVC
  • Inside mount only
  • Light guard is not available in Decoflex


  • Lengths are measured up from the bottom of bottom rail
  • Cut-outs are made when the shade is fully extended
  • Provide detailed information under "Notes" when ordering
  • Cut-outs are not available for SmartFit™, Cordless TDBU
  • Cut-outs will be made on the bottom rail and the bottom section of the fabric
  • Cut-out location options
    • Bottom Corner (Left)
    • Bottom Corner (Right)
    • Bottom Corners (Both)

Hold Downs

Choose from Traditional or Magnetic hold-down brackets (one for the left and the right side of shade) to secure the shade in place when closed
  • Traditional Hold-Down
  • Magnetic Hold-Down
    • Available for OM only
    • Not recommended for metal door applications
    • The magnet will be attached at the factory before shipping
    • The magnet catch will need to be installed at the job site

Shim (Spacer Block)

  • Dimensions: 41mm (1.614") x 10mm (0.394")
  • Up to 3 Spacer Blocks can be stacked per bracket
Cordless Options For Extra Safety - Norman®

For more detailed information about the product, its specifications, options and technical manuals.

Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades - Program Reference Guide

Cordless, Cordless TDBU - Installation Instructions

PVC Light Guard - Installation Instructions

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