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Cordless Woven Honeycomb Shades NEW

Cordless Perfect Honeycomb Shades - Light Filtering Woven

Introducing a new era of luxury, style and innovation in honeycomb fabric. Our new Woven Honeycomb Collection is high-fashion and full of heritage inspired woven details. Offering a look that's rich yet streamlined, sharp yet soft. And with the benefit of our advanced honeycomb technology, the New Woven Honeycomb Collection is also ultra low maintenance - geared for years of enjoyment, and made to augment the comfort of your room with breathtaking luxe appeal.

  • New G6 Cordless System. Simply lower and stop at any position to lock your shade in place
  • The perfect solution for homes with children and pets
  • Easy to operate, and eliminates cords for a streamlined appearance
Norman Certified Best for Kids

Light Filtering

For a range of UV blockage, from 88% to 97% UV blockage, to help you create the perfect mellowed out area.

Energy Efficiency

Utilizing unique construction and advanced materials Perfect is made to insulate better. Experience fabric technologies that will make you feel more comfortable and save on energy

Starting at $162.56

How to measure? Measuring Tape

Product Type:
Product Color:
Cell Size:
Mount Position: Outside
Lift System:
PVC Light Guard: Yes
Cut-Out: Yes

(per side)
Hold Downs: Traditional
(Shim) Spacer Block: Yes

(per shim)
Room Name:
Window #:
Unit price:
Total price:

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  • Linen Weave F0908

    Linen Weave F0908

  • Coffee F1283

    Coffee F1283

  • Burnt Ember F1284

    Burnt Ember F1284

  • Black Magic F1285

    Black Magic F1285

  • Cotton F1526

    Cotton F1526

  • Toasted Wheat F1527

    Toasted Wheat F1527

  • Glazed Pecan F1528

    Glazed Pecan F1528

  • Dawn F1531

    Dawn F1531


  • Almond Milk F1299

    Almond Milk F1299

  • Flax F1300

    Flax F1300

  • Sand F1301

    Sand F1301

  • Khaki F1302

    Khaki F1302

  • Dune F1303

    Dune F1303

Color Disclaimer

Size Considerations

Lift System/Product Width Length Max Area (sqft)
Min Max Min Max
Cordless 15 1/2" 86" 10" 86" 51.4
Cordless TDBU 15 1/2" 78" 10" 86" 46.6

Standard Deductions

Product Mounting Shade Width(X) Shade Height(Y) PVC light guard length
Order Width Measurement Tolerance Order Height Measurement Tolerance
Cordless & Cordless TDBU IB X=Order Width - 3/8" Measure shade from left to right ±1/8" Y=Order Height Measure from the top of the headrail to the bottom of bottom rail (when the shade is at full extension) +1/2" ~ +3" Order Height - 1/8"

Mounting Depths

Lift Systems 3/8" Single 9/16" Single 1/2" Double 3/4" Single 3/4" Double 1 1/4" Single
Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM Inside Mount Semi-IM
Cordless & Cordless TDBU N/A 2" 1 3/8" N/A 2 11/16" 1 1/2"

Various Cell Sizes

  • 3/4" Single Cell
  • 1-1/4" Single Cell

Lift Systems & Applications

  • Cordless Bottom Up
  • Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up

Light Guard

  • PVC
  • Inside mount only
  • Light guard is not available in Decoflex


  • Lengths are measured up from the bottom of bottom rail
  • Cut-outs are made when the shade is fully extended
  • Provide detailed information under "Notes" when ordering
  • Cut-outs are not available for SmartFit™, Cordless TDBU
  • Cut-outs will be made on the bottom rail and the bottom section of the fabric
  • Cut-out location options
    • Bottom Corner (Left)
    • Bottom Corner (Right)
    • Bottom Corners (Both)

Hold Downs

Choose from Traditional or Magnetic hold-down brackets (one for the left and the right side of shade) to secure the shade in place when closed
  • Traditional Hold-Down
  • Magnetic Hold-Down
    • Available for OM only
    • Not recommended for metal door applications
    • The magnet will be attached at the factory before shipping
    • The magnet catch will need to be installed at the job site

Shim (Spacer Block)

  • Dimensions: 41mm (1.614") x 10mm (0.394")
  • Up to 3 Spacer Blocks can be stacked per bracket
Cordless Options For Extra Safety - Norman®

For more detailed information about the product, its specifications, options and technical manuals.

Perfect Honeycomb Shades - Program Reference Guide

Cordless, Cordless TDBU - Installation Instructions

PVC Light Guard - Installation Instructions

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