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Faux Wood Shutters

Faux Wood/Composite Shutters brings affordability, eco-friendliness and countless configurations, making them the world's best-selling shutters. Norman shutters offer beauty and durability, and offer options to meet almost any need. They look like real wood shutters without the high price of real wood. They are the ultimate window covering.

The Faux Wood/Composite Shutters give you countless options, but also reflect the highest standards of manufacturing. Crafted from a wood-composite material derived from well-managed forests, these shutters are wrapped with a hard coating that gives them incredible durability for a much lower cost than natural-wood shutters. They are available in a variety of white-toned neutrals and come with an assortment of hinge finishes to match your style of décor.

Our products are assembled well to ensure you quality with a lifetime warranty. So, install our shutters in your house without any worries.

Starting at $145.20

How to measure? Measuring Tape

Louver Size:
Product Color:
Measurement Type:
Window Molding:
Window Sill:
Frame Style / Mounting Depth:

See frame styles
Number of Sides to Frame:
Panel Configuration:

See panel configurations
* Single panel width CANNOT exceed 30"
Cafe Shutter: Yes
No (Half Window Shutter)
Divider Rail: Yes
No (Default Location: Center of panel)
Tilt Bar: Yes
Motorized Kit
(with remote):

T-post placements (if you've selected panel configuration with T-posts)

1st T-post:
2nd T-post:
3rd T-post:
Room Name:
Window #:
Unit price:
Total price:

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  • Pure White

    Pure White

  • Silk White

    Silk White

  • Pearl


  • Crisp Linen

    Crisp Linen

  • String


  • Sea Mist

    Sea Mist

  • Stone Grey

    Stone Grey

  • Brown Grey

    Brown Grey

Color Disclaimer

  • 2 available shutter heights:
    Full and Partial
  • Available in 3 popular colors
  • Four available Louver Sizes:
    1 7/8", 2 1/2", 3 1/2" and 4 1/2"
  • Available in 1, 2, and 4, panel configurations, depending on size selected
  • Optional Hinge Colors:
    Daisy White, Off White, Cream, Polished Brass, and Stainless Steel
  • Inside-Direct Mount (no frame) or Outside Mount frames are great choices for inward tilting windows.
  • Fauxwood material resists moisture; easy to clean with just soap and water
  • Optional Hidden Rear Tilt Bar provides a clearer view
  • 4 frame mount options:
    Outside Mount, Inside-Direct Mount, Inside-Trim Mount, and Inside-Recessed L Mount.
  • Centered divider rail increases stability for blinds over 60" high plus provide the ability to tilt open top and bottom louvers independently of one another.
  • Will not fade, crack, peel, or warp
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Custom made to order and handcrafted in the USA

Frame types

Inside Mount

Beaded L Frame
Beaded L Frame

Bull Nose Z Frame
Bull Nose Z Frame

2 Bell Air Z Frame
2" Bell Air Z Frame

3" Crown Z Frame
3" Crown Z Frame

Outside Mount

Beaded      L Frame - outside mount
Beaded L Frame - outside mount

Bull      Nose L Frame
Bull Nose L Frame

2"      Camber Deco Frame
2" Camber Deco Frame

3"      Ridge Deco Frame
3" Ridge Deco Frame
(Only available in composite)

Vintage      L Frame
Vintage L Frame


Factory Specifications

  • Minimum width: 12"
  • Minimum height: 16"
  • Maximum width: 120"
  • Maximum height: 120"
  • Proper louver rotation requires a minimum depth of :
    2" depth for 2 1/2" louvers and
    2 1/2" depth for 3 1/2" louvers - measured from the front of the shutter panel to the back of the louver.
  • Minimum inside mounting depth for both Inside-Direct Mount and Inside-Trim Mount frames: 1 1/8"
  • Minimum inside mounting depth for Fully Recessed L Mount frame: 2"
  • Detailed dimensions for Trim Mount and Inside and Outside L-Mount
  • Window depths less than 1 1/8" require outside mount.
  • Adjustments for Outside Mount- begin with the exact window opening and adjust the width and height of your measurements based on your type of sill:
    Protruding Sill: Add 2 1/2" to the width and 1 1/4" to the height of your shutter measurement
    Non Protruding Sill:Add 2 1/2" to the width and 2 1/2" to the height of your shutter measurement
  • Shutters over 60" high will include a Centered Divider Rail
  • Inside mount is not recommended for tilting windows
  • Arches, slant tops, and double hung configurations are not available.

Faux Wood Shutters | Home Blinds of America

Discover the world of faux wood shutters with Home Blinds of America. Bringing together the charm of traditional wood and the durability of modern materials, our faux wood shutters provide a cost-effective, stylish, and eco-friendly solution for your window dressing needs. Modeled after the elegant appearance of genuine wood, our shutters create a sophisticated ambiance without the premium price tag associated with real wood.

Built to withstand time, our faux wood shutters are the epitome of beauty and resilience. They represent not only a wise investment for your home but also a commitment to environmentally responsible choices. Every shutter we offer is a reflection of our dedication to high-quality standards and sustainable practices.

Faux Wood/Composite Shutters

At the heart of our collection lie the Faux Wood/Composite Shutters - the best-selling shutters worldwide. These shutters have been constructed from a wood-composite material sourced responsibly from well-managed forests. Each piece is then enveloped with a hard coating, providing them with exceptional durability, far surpassing that of conventional wood shutters.

Available in a wide range of soothing white-toned neutrals, our Faux Wood/Composite Shutters effortlessly blend into any home decor, enhancing it with their timeless charm. We also offer an assortment of hinge finishes to customize your shutters further, ensuring they perfectly match your unique decor style.

These shutters do not merely offer an endless array of options but also stand testament to the superior manufacturing standards we maintain. By choosing our Faux Wood/Composite Shutters, you're choosing a product designed to last, giving you peace of mind and the utmost satisfaction.

Why Choose Home Blinds of America's Faux Wood Shutters?

1. Affordable Elegance: Our faux wood shutters deliver the aesthetic appeal of real wood shutters at a fraction of the cost.

2. Eco-friendly: Made from wood-composite material from well-managed forests, these shutters support sustainable practices.

3. Durability: Thanks to the hard coating wrap, our faux wood shutters boast incredible durability, promising long-lasting performance.

4. Versatility: With countless configurations and a variety of neutrals and hinge finishes, our shutters can be tailored to match any interior design scheme.

5. Quality Assurance: We stand by our products, offering a lifetime warranty on our faux wood shutters.

Upgrade your home with our faux wood interior shutters and experience the blend of affordability, durability, and style. Bask in the elegance of classic wood shutters without the high maintenance or cost. Trust in Home Blinds of America for your window dressing needs, and enjoy quality products and service that will exceed your expectations.

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