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Patio Door Vertical Honeycomb Shades NEW

Patio Door Vertical Honeycomb Shades

The cord-free, handle-free sliding solution is a polished way to add color, style and insulation to patio doors and sliders, some of the biggest window openings in the house where energy loss is often overlooked. It is also a perfect way to section off rooms, creating privacy zones for everyone to relax.

Norman Certified Best for Kids

Light Filtering

For a range of UV blockage, from 88% to 97% UV blockage, to help you create the perfect mellowed out area.

Room Darkening

To significantly calm and darken your room, up to 100% of UV light.

Energy Efficiency

Utilizing unique construction and advanced materials Portrait™ is made to insulate better. Experience fabric technologies that will make you feel more comfortable and save on energy

How to measure? Measuring Tape

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Fabric Color:
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  • Bright White C2001

    Bright White C2001

  • Marshmallow C2002

    Marshmallow C2002

  • Ivory C2003

    Ivory C2003

  • Gray violet C2101

    Gray violet C2101

  • Dove C2103

    Dove C2103

  • Shale C2104

    Shale C2104

  • Terra C2105

    Terra C2105

  • Mica C2106

    Mica C2106

  • Slate C2107

    Slate C2107

  • Heather C2108

    Heather C2108

  • Crystal C2109

    Crystal C2109

  • Jet Black C2201

    Jet Black C2201

  • Graphite C2202

    Graphite C2202

  • Ginger Spice C2302

    Ginger Spice C2302

  • Petal C2303

    Petal C2303

  • Rose C2304

    Rose C2304

  • Coral C2305

    Coral C2305

  • Chocolate C2402

    Chocolate C2402

  • Chestnut C2406

    Chestnut C2406

  • Soft Taupe C2408

    Soft Taupe C2408

  • Creamy C2501

    Creamy C2501

  • Sand C2503

    Sand C2503

  • Maize C2504

    Maize C2504

  • Marigold C2505

    Marigold C2505

  • Flax C2506

    Flax C2506

  • Pebble C2507

    Pebble C2507

  • Bamboo C2508

    Bamboo C2508

  • Tangerine C2509

    Tangerine C2509

  • Flint C2510

    Flint C2510

  • Agave C2603

    Agave C2603

  • Willow C2604

    Willow C2604

  • Fern C2605

    Fern C2605

  • Clover C2606

    Clover C2606

  • Indigo C2702

    Indigo C2702

  • Spearmint C2703

    Spearmint C2703

  • Topaz C2704

    Topaz C2704

  • Frost C2705

    Frost C2705

  • Sky C2706

    Sky C2706

  • Oxford Blue C2709

    Oxford Blue C2709

  • Plum Purple C2802

    Plum Purple C2802

  • Fresh Brew C1403

    Fresh Brew C1403

  • Antique White C2004

    Antique White C2004

  • Ellie Gray C2113

    Ellie Gray C2113

  • Winter Solstice C2114

    Winter Solstice C2114

  • Sterling C2115

    Sterling C2115

  • Hickory C2409

    Hickory C2409

  • Canvas C2410

    Canvas C2410

  • Forest C2610

    Forest C2610

  • Glacier White C4001

    Glacier White C4001

  • Steel Gray C4101

    Steel Gray C4101

  • Terra C4102

    Terra C4102

  • Mineral C4103

    Mineral C4103

  • Slate C4104

    Slate C4104

  • Dusk C4105

    Dusk C4105

  • Infinity C4108

    Infinity C4108

  • Champagne C4111

    Champagne C4111

  • Black Ink C4201

    Black Ink C4201

  • Mocha C4402

    Mocha C4402

  • Flax C4410

    Flax C4410

  • Espresso C4411

    Espresso C4411

  • Ecru C4412

    Ecru C4412

  • Desert C4504

    Desert C4504

  • Primrose C4506

    Primrose C4506

  • Tamarind C4507

    Tamarind C4507

  • Sand C4508

    Sand C4508

  • Pebble C4509

    Pebble C4509

  • Brie C4510

    Brie C4510

  • Eggnog C4514

    Eggnog C4514

  • Fog Green C4601

    Fog Green C4601

  • Indigo C4704

    Indigo C4704

  • Topaz C4705

    Topaz C4705

  • Larkspur C4802

    Larkspur C4802

Color Disclaimer

Factory Specifications

  • Minimum width: 30"
  • Maximum width: 146"
  • Minimum height: 24"
  • Maximum height: 120"

How to measure:

  • IB: Order width & height = window width & height
  • OB: Add 4" to opening width and 2" to opening height


Inside Mount:

  • Shade Width = Order Width - 3/8"
  • Shade Height = Order Height - 5/8"
  • Tolerance: Finished shade dimensions may vary ±1/8"

Outside Mount:

  • Shade width = Order width
  • Shade height = Order height - 1/2"
  • Tolerance: Finished shade dimensions may vary ±1/8"

Mounting Depths

Inside Mount:

  • Flush IB: 3-1/16"
  • Semi-IB: 1-9/16"
  • Perfect solution for sliding doors or large windows
  • Available in 3/4" Single and 1-1/4" Single cell sizes only
  • Available in Light Filtering, Room Darkening and Designer
  • Stacking configurations:
    • Left Stack
    • Right Stack
    • Traveling Center Stack
    • Center Opening (Split evenly)
  • Magnetic strips are attached to the center moving vertical rails on Center Opening
How to Install: Patio Door Vertical Honeycomb from Norman®
Norman® Vertical Honeycomb Shades -Installation Instructions
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