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Exquisite Room Darkening Sheer Shades NEW

Exquisite Room Darkening Sheer Shades

Sheer Shades have been an elegant window treatment solution for decades. Our introduction of Exquisite Sheer Shades comes after years of engineering and design. Exquisite Sheer Shades truly delivers on a number of desired effects of fine window treatments:

  • Light transformation
  • UV protection
  • Softened views while enjoying privacy

We have delivered on these needs while incorporating superior industry enhancements:

  • Tightest vane closure in its category for privacy/light control
  • 100% Woven seams; not glued, sewn or heat fused
  • Hem bar doesn’t rise above the window sill in the closed position

One of the appealing characteristics of a sheer shade is its ability to softly filter light when open and provide varying levels of privacy when closed. While our room darkening fabrics provide more privacy and light control qualities than our light filtering choices, they are not a total blackout solution.

How to measure? Measuring Tape

Product Color:
Mount Position: Outside
Lift System:   
Lift Position: Left
Right (default)
Top Treatment:   
Light Guard: Wood
Hold Downs: Traditional
(Shim) Spacer Block: Yes
Room Name:
Window #:
Unit price:
Total price:

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Product Colors:


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  • F1200 Moon

    F1200 Moon

  • F1201 Silk

    F1201 Silk

  • F1202 Chai Latte

    F1202 Chai Latte

  • F1203 Sky

    F1203 Sky

  • F1204 Mars Black

    F1204 Mars Black

  • F1205 Seaside

    F1205 Seaside

  • F1206 Palm

    F1206 Palm

  • F1207 Stone

    F1207 Stone

  • F1208 Heather Gray

    F1208 Heather Gray

  • F1209 Ash Gray

    F1209 Ash Gray

Color Disclaimer

Size Definition

  Continuous Cord Loop Motorized
Minimum Width: 12" 14"
Maximum Width: 98" 110"
Minimum Height: 12" 12"
Maximum Height: 98" 120"
Ratio limit * The width to height ratio is 1:4 for all fabrics
*The height of a continuous cord loop or motorized shade cannot exceed more than 4 times its width.

Shade Width

  • Shade with Valance: The shade width is measured from the left edge of the bracket to right edge of bracket
  • Shade with Fascia: The shade width is measured from left edge of end cap to right edge of end cap

Shade Height

  • The shade height is measured from the top of the raceway to the bottom of the hem bar when the shade is completely lowered


Inside Mount:

  • Shade width = Order width - 1/8"
  • Shade height = Order height

Outside Mount:

  • No Deductions
    • Shade width = Order width
    • Shade height = Order height
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