SmartPrivacy® Cordless Faux Wood Blinds 2" & 2-1/2"

  • Award winning SmartPrivacy® seals light gaps with slat-to-slat coverage
  • Smooth, reliable Performance cordless lift system. Wand tilt for child and pet safety
  • Covers a large range of sizes
  • 2" & 2-1/2" slat sizes available in all colors
  • Light-weight, co-extruded slats with 125° heat deflection
  • Impact resistant, modern, valance-free PolyDeco headrail
  • Engineered trapezoid bottom rail allows for easy grasping
Best for Kids Certified Label Cordless for Kids

No extra charge

  • Impact resistant, modern, valance free, PolyDeco headrail
  • SmartPrivacy® for better light & privacy control
  • Co-extruded high HDT slat

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Mount Position: Outside
Tilt Control Location: Left (standard)
Keystone: Yes

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Cut-Out: Yes

(per side)
(Shim) Spacer Block: Yes

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Solid Colors

  • Pure White P001

    Pure White P001

  • Designer White E008

    Designer White E008

  • Silk White P003

    Silk White P003

  • Bright White P004

    Bright White P004

  • Pearl P006

    Pearl P006

  • Crisp Linen P012

    Crisp Linen P012

  • Taupe Gray P080

    Taupe Gray P080

  • Sea Mist P032

    Sea Mist P032

  • Storm Gray P075

    Storm Gray P075

Printed Colors

  • Mist 6957

    Mist 6957

  • Limed White P933

    Limed White P933

  • Gray 6938

    Gray 6938

  • Truffle 6958

    Truffle 6958

  • Driftwood P937

    Driftwood P937

  • Granite 6959

    Granite 6959

  • Natural Oak P936

    Natural Oak P936

  • Chestnut P226

    Chestnut P226

  • Old Teak P230

    Old Teak P230

  • Black Walnut P221

    Black Walnut P221

Color Disclaimer

  • Patented SmartPrivacy feature allows optimum blind closure for the utmost levels of privacy
  • Endures over 2000 hours of UV testing for superior colorfastness
  • Can withstand above average temperatures without warping (135° heat deflection temperature)
  • New formulation significantly reduces pull force required to raise blinds
  • Reengineered bottom rail adds structural integrity and prevents bowing when blind is raised
  • Advanced tilting mechanism makes angling blinds effortless
  • Innovative Insta-Lock system locks blinds at tighter horizontal intervals with ease
  • Upgraded 2-1/2" Modern Curved or 3-1/4" designer crown valance adds extra style
  • Blind slats are water-proof, fire retardant and lead free

Factory Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 16-1/2" (after factory deductions)
  • Maximum Width (single blind): 96"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 72"
  • Maximum area: 48 sqft
  • Optional Control Location ─ Wand: Right
  • Valances: Designer Crown & Modern Curved
  • Valance Returns
  • Common Valance
  • Keystones
  • Cut-out

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