Roller Shades Group 1

Traditional, dependable window covering option raised to a new exciting level. Our window shades offer a wealth of possibilities. A variety of color, texture, hem styles, trim and pull options are available for you to customize your decor. Achieve that special, individualized look with our custom roller shades.

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Mount Position: Outside
Lift Position: Left
Hem Bar: Yes
Plain Hem:   
Valance Height:   
Square Corner Valance: Yes
Valance Plain Hem:   
Valance Scallop:   
Pulls and Tassels:   
Cassette System: Yes
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  • BO500_Boucle_White031

    Boucle White

  • BO503_Boucle_Alabaster032

    Boucle Alabaster

  • BO510_Boucle_Champagne033

    Boucle Champagne

  • CA100_Cambridge_White

    Cambridge White

  • CA102_Cambridge

    CA102 Cambridge

  • CA104_Cambridge

    CA104 Cambridge

  • CA106_Cambridge

    CA106 Cambridge

  • CA200_Carina_Seafoam

    Carina Seafoam

  • CA201_Carina_Turquoise

    Carina Turquoise

  • CA202_Carina_Chambray

    Carina Chambray

  • CA203_Carina_Ocean

    Carina Ocean

  • CA204_Carina_Butter

    Carina Butter

  • CA205_Carina_Honey_Mustard

    Carina Honey Mustard

  • CA206_Carina_Hazelnut

    Carina Hazelnut

  • CA207_Carina_Cabernet

    Carina Cabernet

  • CA208_Carina_Coal

    Carina Coal

  • MA500_Matte_White

    Matte White

  • MA503_Matte_Alabaster

    Matte Alabaster

  • MA505_Matte_Eggshell

    Matte Eggshell

  • MA510_Matte_Champagne

    Matte Champagne

  • MA512_Matte_Ecru

    Matte Ecru

  • MA516_Matte_Mulberry

    Matte Mulberry

  • MA517_Matte_Navy

    Matte Navy

  • MA526_Matte_Pewter

    Matte Pewter

  • MA530_Matte_Black

    Matte Black

  • MA515_Matte_Duplex_Emerald

    Matte Duplex Emerald

  • MA518_Matte_Duplex_Chocolate

    Matte Duplex Chocolate

  • MA519_Matte_Duplex_Black

    Matte Duplex Black

  • MO500_Moire_White028

    Moire White

  • MO503_Moire_Alabaster029

    Moire Alabaster

  • MO510_Moire_Champagne030

    Moire Champagne

Color Disclaimer

Factory Specifications

Minimums and Maximums

  Cordless Roller Clutch Roller
Minimum Width: 18" 6"
Maximum Width: 73" 108"
Minimum Height: 12" 12"
Maximum Height: 96" 96"

Depth Requirements

Roller Shade depth requirements are affected by several variables, such as: the size of the roller tube (depends on the shade width), the thickness of the fabric, and the overall shade height. Please review the chart below to determine if you have enough window depth for inside mount.

Depth requirements

Additional Information

  • Roller shade sizes are based on tip-to-tip measurements.
  • Roller shade fabric is 1” less than the tip-to-tip measurement on shades produced on 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” tubes.
  • Roller shade fabric is 1 1/8” to 1 1/4” less than tip-to-tip measurement on shades produced on 2” and 3” roller. (except Motorized - 1 7/8” difference)
  • When ordering an outside mount shade, determine the width you desire the fabric to be and add 1” for the tip-to-tip measurement.
  • Additional fabric is added to ordered height to allow for roller coverage and spring tension.
  • Sizes exceeding fabric width are made from railroaded cloth (using width for height) therefore any pattern will run sideways. Railroading fabric will accommodate a wider width shade but will in turn limit the height of the shade to the fabric width minus 12” unless the fabric is seamed.
  • Not all fabrics are available with a horizontal seam to accommodate larger size shades.
Horizontal Seam availability

Features and Benefits

  • Cordless operation. - Child safe. Eliminates dangling cords and chains.
  • Minimal mounting space required. - Many choices can be mounted behind other treatments to add privacy, then simply rolls out of the way when not needed.
  • Flame-retardant fabric choices. - Appropriate for commercial applications.

Standard Items

  • Standard hem - aluminum (or wooden) hem slat heat sealed into hem pocket.
  • Standard roll - shade material comes off the back of the roller. Recommended for most applications.
  • Decorative scallop and trim options
  • Aluminum or wrapped hem bar.
  • Reverse roll - shade material comes off the front of the roller. Leaves noticeable light gap. Best suited for duplex fabrics.
  • Shade pulls available for cordless/spring roller.
  • Ez Lift clutch system easily lifts large shades while the continuous chain loop stays the same length. Allows precise positioning of shade.

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