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Installation Instructions for L Frame

Norman Shutters Installation Instructions

4 Sided L Frame

(Outside Mount - Single Panel)

Recommended Tools: Nail Gun or Drill, Tape Measure, Torpedo Level, Box Knife, 6" Philips head driver

Make sure ITEM# (In Red) matches on both panel box and frame box. Each window will have 1 box for shutter panels and 1 box for frames.


• Do not dispose of packaging until the shutters are operating appropriately.

• Use of a moving blanket or drop cloth is recommended.

• Find ample working space to assemble your frame (preferably in front of the window).

• Check the diagram to make sure you have all the parts indicated for an appropriate installation.

hinge screw screw top hinge pin hoffman

hinge spacer

Installation Steps

1. Carefully remove panels and frames from the packaging. Do not mix panels or frames from other windows. Frame parts will be labeled either top, bottom, right, left.

frame remove

2. Set all frames on floor face up.

inner area window

3. Position the left frame and the top frame onto a flat surface (small wood block is recommended to prevent damage to floor and to ensure a flush fit by the Hoffman Key) and line up the Hoffman key.

set hoftman key

Tip: The Hoffman Key has a rounded and a flat side to it. The rounded side goes in face up.

Repeat step 3 for remaining corners to complete the 4 sided frame assembly.

If not installing with T-POST skip to Step 5.

4. Locate and identify the top and bottom labeled t-post. Line up the pre-drilled holes with the top and bottom frame and secure with screws provided.

all l frame

5. It is best to pre-drill the top left and right frame if you are mounting with screws.

pre drill

6. Position the assembled frame evenly around the window opening & secure with nail/screw (pre-drill) into the upper left frame ONLY. Shutter will be fully secured in later steps.

flush mount

Tip: It is best to angle the drill gun or nail gun to ensure contact with a stud around the window opening.

7. Once the left side is secured, level the frame on the window and secure with nail/screw (pre-drill) into the upper right frame. Shutter will be fully secured in later steps.

using screw nail gun

Once top right & left frame are secured, panel can be installed.

8. Place the shutter panel in the frame, and insert hinge pins into hinges.

Note: If installing 2 panels, insert left panel first, then right panel.

hinge side panel

9. Once panel has been positioned and secured with the hinge pins, make sure shutter panel is even across the top and bottom. If panel is not even, shift (rack) your frame left to right until your reveal is even.

Remember, the bottom frame should not be secured at this point.


10. Once your panel has been shifted (racked) and with the panel in its closed position, mark the bottom left side of the wall along the side of your frame. Open the panel and position your frame in reference with your mark and secure a nail/screw (pre-drill) to the bottom of the left frame below the hinge and tighten.

panel shifted

TIP: With the bottom right secured, step away from the window and open louvers to make sure shutter is evenly positioned to window.

Things to look for: Align window mullions and/or sectioned glass with shutter lines (louver, stiles).

11. After securing the bottom left, secure nail/screw (pre-drill) at the bottom right below the hinge and tighten.

securing bottom left

12. Check gaps between panels and frame and adjust accordingly with hinge spacers provided (if needed).

Hinge Spacer Installation

hinge spacer install

13. Now that you have secured the top and bottom corners and your panel operates properly, secure with nail/screw (pre-drill) the middle of the bottom, top and side frames.

Make sure the gap between the panel and the frame are even.

Tip: Move top and bottom frames up and down to achieve proper tolerance between panel and frame. Tip: Move side frame in and out to achieve proper tolerance between panel and frame.

14. Make sure shutters operate properly. Add additional nail/screws (pre-drill) (if needed).

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