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Troubleshoot Tilt Problems

The Cord Lock Mechanism is a snap-in part. The mechanism may be defective if the roller pin is prevented from moving freely.

  1. Confirm that the tilt rod goes through the tilter mechanism
  2. Tilt rod should not be impeded from turning by the end stiffeners or the center lock. Tilt rod should be 1-1/2" less than the headrail size so it does not go under any part of the end lock. Tilt rod should not be bent
  3. Confirm that the tilter is completely set into the control route/punch
  4. Tape Roll/Drum must be properly set in the tape roll support/cradle. Tape Roll/Drum must be centered in the tape roll support/cradle in order to turn freely
  5. Placement of tape roll supports and tilter should allow the tilt rod to turn without tension. The tilt rod should not bend in order to insert into the tilter gear or to run through the tape roll supports
  6. Spraying the headrail components (including the tilter & tape rolls/drums) with a silicon spray may remedy abnormal stiffness and squeaking
  7. Replacing the tilter may be necessary when all other adjustment/repairs fail or when it is obvious that the gear in the tilter has worn out or is defective

Instructions - Changing Tilt Mechanisms

  1. Remove blind from the window
  2. Remove the end stiffener at the end of the headrail where the tilt mechanism is located
  3. Slide the tilt rod over (out of the mechanism) to free the tilt mechanism
  4. Snap-out the tilt mechanism and replace with the new one. Make sure the new tilt mechanism is fully seated in the control route/punch
  5. Slide the tilt rod into the new tilt mechanism
  6. Replace the end stiffener
Tilt Mechanisms
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