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Solar Shades Phifer SheerWeave 4000/4100/4400

Solar Shades Phifer Sheerweave® 4000/4100/4400 fabrics are high quality, durable vinyl coated fiberglass & polyester yarns, both bacteria and fungus resistant and Greenguard® Certified. Made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts. Fabric blocks 97% of harmful UV rays.

  • 10%, 5% and 3% Openness
  • Choice of cordless spring roller mechanism or continuous loop lift cord standard on all solar shades, you can also add motorization for ease of use
  • Maximum light and heat reduction yet provides clear view to the outside
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Give a sleek contemporary look to the home perfect for the modern look
  • Suitable for residential or commercial applications
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines

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Product Type:
Product Color:
Mount Position: Outside
Lift Position: Left
Cord Loop: Steel
Configuration: Not rotated
Fascia: Yes
Fabric Wrapped Fascia: Yes
External Hembar (Free): Yes
Galaxy Clutch: Yes
Reverse Roll (Free): Yes
Cassette System: Yes
Motorized Kit
(with remote):
Room Name:
Window #:
Unit price:
Total price:

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  • P06 Chalk

    P06 Chalk

  • P07 Alabaster

    P07 Alabaster

  • P10 Granite

    P10 Granite

  • Q12 Pebblestone

    Q12 Pebblestone

  • Q15 Greystone

    Q15 Greystone

  • Q16 Tobacco

    Q16 Tobacco

  • V07 Pewter

    V07 Pewter

  • V10 Ebony

    V10 Ebony

  • V15 Ash

    V15 Ash

Color Disclaimer


  • Fabric is cut with an ultra-sonic cutter to seal the fabric edges
  • Fabric will not be center in the brackets with a wider gap on the clutch side of shade

Fabric NOT rotated

  • Minimum Width: 6" ordered width
  • Maximum Width: 96" ordered width
  • Minimum Height: 10"
  • Maximum Height: 192"

Fabric rotated as required

  • Minimum Width: 6" ordered width
  • Maximum Width: 168" ordered width
  • Minimum Height: 10"
  • Maximum Height: 192"
  • Fabric will be rotated (turned 90? to run horizontal instead of vertical) when shade is wider than fabric width available (see Maximum Width in "Size Restrictions for Fabric NOT Rotated"). Horizontal seams will be added at our discretion with the seam placed as high as possible (from the bottom of the shade up) unless otherwise specified. Regular and rotated fabrics may differ in appearance and may not be desirable in the same area.
  • Seams generally occur when the length is longer than the maximum width (see Maximum Width in "Size Restrictions for Fabric NOT Rotated") of the fabric less 12"

Inside Mount deductions

  • Shade is made for brackets to be mounted inside window with a top window width equal to the size ordered
  • Fabric deductions vary based on size of shade and clutch from 7/8" to 1-3/8
  • Fabric and tube are same width

Outside Mount deductions

  • none


  • RollEase continuous cord loop clutch
  • Sized as needed for each individual shade lifting requirement

Roller Tube

  • Metal tube in varying sizes (1" to 2.5") based on individual shade width and length
  • Fabric is attached with tape to roller
  • Shades wider than 108" may have minor deflection in center


  • Universal brackets (for inside, outside or ceiling mounting) for standard shades are available in white or black
  • Fascia brackets match the fascia color ordered

Cord Loop

  • Available as stainless steel bead chain or nylon beaded cord
  • Nylon beaded cord loop is suggested on larger shades
  • If an external hembar and/or fascia are ordered, cord loop will color coordinate hembar/fascia color

Galaxy Clutch

  • Nylon cord loop only
  • No bead connectors or stops can be applied to chain because of extra rotations required to lift and lower shades


  • Extruded aluminum panel that hides the clutch and the tube
  • Standard Fascia is 4" tall
  • Available in several colors
  • Hardware and external hembar (if ordered) will match the fascia color
  • Fascia brackets include end caps

Fabric Wrapped Fascia

  • Fabric can be applied to the 4" fascia to provide a matching, finished look
  • Fabric is attached with a solid piece of double sided tape to front and bottom side of fascia


  • Metal hembar sewn into bottom of fabric is standard
  • External hembar available upon request at no charge with baked enamel finish that matches most commercial window frames: Anondized Aluminum, White, Vanilla, Bronze and Black
  • Hardware and external hembar will match fascia color unless otherwise specified

Cassette System

  • Maximum width: 120?
  • Maximum height: 120?
  • Available in several colors

Reverse Roll

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