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Solar Shades Phifer SheerWeave 5000

You will love the lovely textures and patterns with a large color palette composed of beautiful natural colors and earth tones. Openness factors ranging from 5% to 10%, these shades can be perfect to match your needs for privacy and clear view to the outside.

  • 10%, 7% and 5% Openness
  • Choice of cordless spring roller mechanism or continuous loop lift cord standard on all solar shades, you can also add motorization for ease of use
  • Maximum light and heat reduction yet provides clear view to the outside
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Give a sleek contemporary look to the home perfect for the modern look
  • Suitable for residential or commercial applications
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines

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Product Type:
Product Color:
Mount Position: Outside
Lift Position: Left
Cord Loop: Steel
Fascia: Yes
Fabric Wrapped Fascia: Yes
External Hembar (Free): Yes
Galaxy Clutch: Yes
Reverse Roll (Free): Yes
Cassette System: Yes
Room Name:
Window #:
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10% Openness

  • P59 Bamboo/Whitewash

    P59 Bamboo/ Whitewash

  • P60 Bamboo/Birch

    P60 Bamboo/ Birch

  • Q48 Bark/Cedar

    Q48 Bark/ Cedar

  • Q53 Honeycomb/Brown Sugar

    Q53 Honeycomb/ Brown Sugar

7% Openness

  • Q45 Moire/Leather

    Q45 Moire/ Leather

  • Q46 Bamboo/Wheat

    Q46 Bamboo/ Wheat

  • Q47 Moire/Mocha

    Q47 Moire/ Mocha

  • Q49 Rattan/Umber

    Q49 Rattan/ Umber

  • Q52 Marble/Slate

    Q52 Marble/ Slate

  • Q93 Cane/Golden Straw

    Q93 Cane/ Golden Straw

  • Q96 Thatch/Wheatgrass

    Q96 Thatch/ Wheatgrass

5% Openness

  • Q43 Marble/Sand

    Q43 Marble/ Sand

  • Q50 Bark/Tiger Oak

    Q50 Bark/ Tiger Oak

  • Q51 Wicker Mushroom

    Q51 Wicker Mushroom

  • Q94 Tweed/Oatmeal

    Q94 Tweed/ Oatmeal

  • Q95 Tweed/Buckeye

    Q95 Tweed/ Buckeye

Color Disclaimer


  • Fabric is cut with an ultra-sonic cutter to seal the fabric edges
  • Fabric will not be center in the brackets with a wider gap on the clutch side of shade

Fabric NOT rotated

  • Minimum Width: 6" ordered width
  • Maximum Width: 96" ordered width
  • Minimum Height: 10"
  • Maximum Height: 192"

Series 5000 Fabric is not made to be rotated

Inside Mount deductions

  • Shade is made for brackets to be mounted inside window with a top window width equal to the size ordered
  • Fabric deductions vary based on size of shade and clutch from 7/8" to 1-3/8
  • Fabric and tube are same width

Outside Mount deductions

  • none


  • RollEase continuous cord loop clutch
  • Sized as needed for each individual shade lifting requirement

Roller Tube

  • Metal tube in varying sizes (1" to 2.5") based on individual shade width and length
  • Fabric is attached with tape to roller
  • Shades wider than 108" may have minor deflection in center


  • Universal brackets (for inside, outside or ceiling mounting) for standard shades are available in white or black
  • Fascia brackets match the fascia color ordered

Cord Loop

  • Available as stainless steel bead chain or nylon beaded cord
  • Nylon beaded cord loop is suggested on larger shades
  • If an external hembar and/or fascia are ordered, cord loop will color coordinate hembar/fascia color

Galaxy Clutch

  • Nylon cord loop only
  • No bead connectors or stops can be applied to chain because of extra rotations required to lift and lower shades


  • Extruded aluminum panel that hides the clutch and the tube
  • Standard Fascia is 4" tall
  • Available in several colors
  • Hardware and external hembar (if ordered) will match the fascia color
  • Fascia brackets include end caps

Fabric Wrapped Fascia

  • Fabric can be applied to the 4" fascia to provide a matching, finished look
  • Fabric is attached with a solid piece of double sided tape to front and bottom side of fascia


  • Metal hembar sewn into bottom of fabric is standard
  • External hembar available upon request at no charge with baked enamel finish that matches most commercial window frames: Anondized Aluminum, White, Vanilla, Bronze and Black
  • Hardware and external hembar will match fascia color unless otherwise specified

Cassette System

  • Maximum width: 120?
  • Maximum height: 120?
  • Available in several colors

Reverse Roll

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