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Light Filtering Fabric Vertical Blinds

Our Light Filtering Fabric Vertical Blindscan transform any window from drab to fab! This window solution is a fantastic alternative to drapes. This treatment comes standard with a coordinating valance and sewn in bottom weights. As with all our products these verticals come with free shipping and our lifetime limited warranty.

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Mount Position: Outside
Control Position: Left
Control: Cord
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  • Baskette Chocolate

    Baskette Chocolate

  • Baskette Khaki

    Baskette Khaki

  • Baskette Moon Rock

    Baskette Moon Rock

  • Baskette Navy

    Baskette Navy

  • Baskette Pure

    Baskette Pure

  • Baskette Silkworm

    Baskette Silkworm

  • Baskette Wheat

    Baskette Wheat


  • Contrast Beige Heather

    Contrast Beige Heather

  • Contrast Bordeaux

    Contrast Bordeaux

  • Contrast Coal

    Contrast Coal

  • Contrast Cream

    Contrast Cream

  • Contrast Dark Beige

    Contrast Dark Beige

  • Contrast Gray

    Contrast Gray

  • Contrast Verde

    Contrast Verde

  • Contrast White

    Contrast White


  • Dawn Clarion

    Dawn Clarion

  • Dawn Shark Fin

    Dawn Shark Fin

  • Dawn Tinsel

    Dawn Tinsel

  • Dawn Merlin

    Dawn Merlin

  • Dawn Nautical

    Dawn Nautical

  • Dawn Waterfront

    Dawn Waterfront

  • Dawn Scarlet

    Dawn Scarlet

  • Dawn Rockwood

    Dawn Rockwood

  • Dawn Griege

    Dawn Griege


  • Lima Frost

    Lima Frost

  • Lima Fawn

    Lima Fawn

  • Lima Mist

    Lima Mist

  • Lima Chocolate

    Lima Chocolate

  • Lima Seafoam

    Lima Seafoam

  • Lima Admiral

    Lima Admiral


  • Macrame Cotton

    Macrame Cotton

  • Macrame Bamboo

    Macrame Bamboo

  • Macrame Canyon

    Macrame Canyon

  • Macrame Crisscross

    Macrame Crisscross

  • Macrame Desert Beige

    Macrame Desert Beige

  • Macrame Knottley

    Macrame Knottley

  • Macrame Labyrinth

    Macrame Labyrinth

  • Macrame Neutral

    Macrame Neutral

  • Macrame Mink

    Macrame Mink

  • Macrame Reggae

    Macrame Reggae


  • Nature Sand

    Nature Sand

  • Nature Shadow White

    Nature Shadow White

  • Nature Moss

    Nature Moss

  • Nature Spice

    Nature Spice

  • Nature Chocolate

    Nature Chocolate

  • Nature Brick

    Nature Brick

  • Nature Meringue

    Nature Meringue

  • Nature Maple

    Nature Maple

  • Nature Taupe

    Nature Taupe


  • Nuance Gold

    Nuance Gold

  • Nuance Teal

    Nuance Teal

  • Nuance Beige

    Nuance Beige

  • Nuance Black

    Nuance Black

  • Nuance Creme

    Nuance Creme

  • Nuance Dark Blue

    Nuance Dark Blue

  • Nuance Forest

    Nuance Forest

  • Nuance Gray Heather

    Nuance Gray Heather

  • Nuance Gray

    Nuance Gray

  • Nuance Light Beige

    Nuance Light Beige


  • Rainstorm Canvas

    Rainstorm Canvas

  • Rainstorm Flint

    Rainstorm Flint

  • Rainstorm Maple Brown

    Rainstorm Maple Brown

  • Rainstorm Sundew

    Rainstorm Sundew

  • Rainstorm Villa

    Rainstorm Villa

  • Rainstorm White

    Rainstorm White

Silk Elegance

  • Silk Elegance Fog

    Silk Elegance Fog

  • Silk Elegance Revere

    Silk Elegance Revere

  • Silk Elegance Stainless

    Silk Elegance Stainless

  • Silk Elegance Cranberry

    Silk Elegance Cranberry

  • Silk Elegance Ice

    Silk Elegance Ice


  • Shore Cool Breeze

    Shore Cool Breeze

  • Shore Willow

    Shore Willow

  • Shore Clear Skies

    Shore Clear Skies


  • Softesque Meadowland

    Softesque Meadowland

  • Softesque Wheatfield

    Softesque Wheatfield

  • Softesque Riverbank

    Softesque Riverbank

  • Softesque Mountain Wood

    Softesque Mountain Wood

  • Softesque Tiger Eye

    Softesque Tiger Eye

  • Softesque Flint

    Softesque Flint

  • Softesque Hopsack

    Softesque Hopsack

  • Softesque Linenform

    Softesque Linenform


  • Terrane Mousy

    Terrane Mousy

  • Terrane Vanilla

    Terrane Vanilla

  • Terrane Cocoa

    Terrane Cocoa

  • Terrane Sandy

    Terrane Sandy

Color Disclaimer

Factory Specifications

  • Minimum width: 6"
  • Maximum width: 190"
  • Minimum height: 8"
  • Maximum height: 144"
  • Minimum depth for inside mount = 2".
  • Minimum depth for flush inside mount = 3 3/4"
  • 3 1/2" Dust cover valance included with vane matching insert.
  • Available with left or right stack free of charge. Split draw is also available free of charge.
  • Aluminum headrail with self aligning carriers for easy operation.
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines.
  • Custom made in the USA.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Fabric vertical blind vanes come with sewn-in weights on the bottom.
  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee.


Vertical Blinds - Deluxe Valance Tuscany Trim

Deluxe Valance Tuscany Trim

Vertical Blinds - Deluxe Valance Elegance Trim

Deluxe Valance Elegance Trim

Vertical Blinds - Deluxe Valance Executive Trim

Deluxe Valance Executive Trim

Vertical Blinds - Deluxe Double Valance

Deluxe Double Valance

Vertical Blinds - Square Corner Valance

Deluxe Valance Executive Trim

Vertical Blinds - Round Corner Valance

Round Corner Valance

Control Options

Vertical Blinds - Standard Cord & Chain Control

Standard Cord & Chain Control

  • Cord traverses louvers
  • Chain control rotates the louvers up to 180 degrees
Vertical Blinds - One-Way Draw

One-Way Draw

  • Reversible track stacks to the left or right
  • Stack and controls are on the same side of the headrail
Vertical Blinds - Reverse One-Way Draw

Reverse One-Way Draw

  • Reversible track stacks to the left or right
  • Controls are on opposite end of the headrail from the stack
Vertical Blinds - Split Draw

Split Draw

  • Vanes stack equally on both sides of the headrail
  • Controls can be on the left or right side
Vertical Blinds - Wand Control

Wand Control

  • Optional wand twists to rotate louvers
  • Use wand to traverse louvers across opening
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