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PVC Traditional Vertical Blinds

Our PVC Traditional Vertical Blinds can transform any window from drab to fab! This window solution is a fantastic alternative to drapes. This treatment comes standard with a coordinating valance and sewn in bottom weights. As with all our products these verticals come with free shipping and our lifetime limited warranty.

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Control Position: Left
Control: Cord
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  • Athens Cafe

    Athens Cafe

  • Athens Cream

    Athens Cream

  • Athens Glacier

    Athens Glacier

  • Athens Green Mist

    Athens Green Mist

  • Athens Raindrop

    Athens Raindrop


  • Cadence Lagoon

    Cadence Lagoon

  • Cadence Nutmeg

    Cadence Nutmeg

  • Cadence Sea

    Cadence Sea

  • Cadence Rice Paddy

    Cadence Rice Paddy

  • Cadence Froth

    Cadence Froth


  • Cala Moss

    Cala Moss

  • Cala Husk

    Cala Husk

  • Cala Bone

    Cala Bone

  • Cala Chalk

    Cala Chalk

  • Cala Claret

    Cala Claret


  • Crown Alabaster

    Crown Alabaster

  • Crown Ivory

    Crown Ivory

  • Crown Silver Gray

    Crown Silver Gray

  • Crown Soft White

    Crown Soft White

  • Crown Tan

    Crown Tan

  • Crown White

    Crown White


  • Dobby Soft White

    Dobby Soft White

  • Dobby Ivory

    Dobby Ivory

  • Dobby Gray

    Dobby Gray

  • Dobby Camel

    Dobby Camel

  • Dobby Mink

    Dobby Mink


  • Duo Off White

    Duo Off White

  • Duo Parchment

    Duo Parchment

  • Duo White

    Duo White


  • Fanfare White

    Fanfare White

  • Fanfare Ivory

    Fanfare Ivory

  • Fanfare Off White

    Fanfare Off White


  • Filigree Cream

    Filigree Cream

  • Filigree Golden

    Filigree Golden

  • Filigree Fawn

    Filigree Fawn

  • Filigree Toast

    Filigree Toast


  • Finesse Alabaster

    Finesse Alabaster

  • Finesse Forest

    Finesse Forest

  • Finesse Suntan

    Finesse Suntan

  • Finesse Snowflake

    Finesse Snowflake

  • Finesse Vanilla Mist

    Finesse Vanilla Mist

  • Finesse Celadon

    Finesse Celadon

  • Finesse Adobe

    Finesse Adobe

  • Finesse Goldenrod

    Finesse Goldenrod

  • Finesse Cabernet

    Finesse Cabernet

  • Finesse Black Tie

    Finesse Black Tie

  • Finesse Midnight Blue

    Finesse Midnight Blue

  • Finesse Pinky

    Finesse Pinky


  • Glitz Silver

    Glitz Silver

  • Glitz Gold

    Glitz Gold


  • Infinity Stainless

    Infinity Stainless

  • Infinity Currency

    Infinity Currency

  • Infinity Treasure

    Infinity Treasure

  • Infinity Satin

    Infinity Satin


  • Island Russet

    Island Russet

  • Island Gold

    Island Gold

  • Island Palm

    Island Palm

  • Island Sand

    Island Sand


  • Leaflet Ivory

    Leaflet Ivory

  • Leaflet Off White

    Leaflet Off White

  • Leaflet White

    Leaflet White


  • Metalium Whitewash

    Metalium Whitewash

  • Metalium Precious

    Metalium Precious

  • Metalium Burnished

    Metalium Burnished

  • Metalium Haze

    Metalium Haze


  • Metro Boulder

    Metro Boulder

  • Metro Natural

    Metro Natural


  • Mirror Gold

    Mirror Gold

  • Mirror Silver

    Mirror Silver

Palm Beach

  • Palm Beach Ivory

    Palm Beach Ivory

  • Palm Beach Frond

    Palm Beach Frond

  • Palm Beach Coconut

    Palm Beach Coconut

  • Palm Beach Bay

    Palm Beach Bay

  • Palm Beach Beryl

    Palm Beach Beryl


  • Ermine


  • Glademist


  • Beige


  • Sandstone


  • Gray


  • Blue Haze

    Blue Haze


  • Provincial Honey

    Provincial Honey

  • Provincial Graphite

    Provincial Graphite

  • Provincial Colonial

    Provincial Colonial

  • Provincial Bronze

    Provincial Bronze

  • Provincial Cornsilk

    Provincial Cornsilk


  • Raffia Natural

    Raffia Natural

  • Raffia Twig

    Raffia Twig

  • Raffia Harvest

    Raffia Harvest


  • Rattan Grain

    Rattan Grain

  • Rattan Nutmeg

    Rattan Nutmeg


  • Riptide Snow White

    Riptide Snow White

  • Riptide Cotton

    Riptide Cotton

  • Riptide Almond Tan

    Riptide Almond Tan

  • Riptide Coastal Beige

    Riptide Coastal Beige

  • Riptide Pure Gray

    Riptide Pure Gray


  • Rosalie Onyx

    Rosalie Onyx

  • Rosalie Nougat

    Rosalie Nougat

  • Rosalie Mink

    Rosalie Mink

  • Rosalie Antique

    Rosalie Antique

  • Rosalie Claret

    Rosalie Claret


  • Somerset Chalk White

    Somerset Chalk White

  • Somerset Goldtone

    Somerset Goldtone

  • Somerset Hazelnut

    Somerset Hazelnut

  • Somerset Sandstone Beige

    Somerset Sandstone Beige


  • Splendor White

    Splendor White

  • Splendor Ivory

    Splendor Ivory

  • Splendor Off White

    Splendor Off White

  • Splendor Black

    Splendor Black


  • Symmetry Monet Sky

    Symmetry Monet Sky

  • Symmetry Swan

    Symmetry Swan

  • Symmetry Driftwood

    Symmetry Driftwood

  • Symmetry Cream

    Symmetry Cream


  • Tropics Parchment

    Tropics Parchment

  • Tropics Natural

    Tropics Natural

  • Tropics Toast

    Tropics Toast


  • Tulle Frost

    Tulle Frost

  • Tulle Eggshell

    Tulle Eggshell

  • Tulle Balsam

    Tulle Balsam

  • Tulle Rich Burgundy

    Tulle Rich Burgundy

  • Tulle Shale Blue

    Tulle Shale Blue


  • Ventura Birch

    Ventura Birch

  • Ventura Wicker

    Ventura Wicker


  • Wavelet Pearl

    Wavelet Pearl

  • Wavelet Ocean

    Wavelet Ocean

  • Wavelet Beach

    Wavelet Beach

  • Wavelet Milky Way

    Wavelet Milky Way

  • Wavelet Iceberg

    Wavelet Iceberg

  • Wavelet Lilac

    Wavelet Lilac

  • Wavelet Softest Rose

    Wavelet Softest Rose


  • Westfield White

    Westfield White

  • Westfield Beige

    Westfield Beige


  • Whimsical Brilliant

    Whimsical Brilliant

  • Whimsical Tiara

    Whimsical Tiara

  • Whimsical Pendant

    Whimsical Pendant

  • Whimsical Copper

    Whimsical Copper

Color Disclaimer

Factory Specifications

  • Minimum width: 6"
  • Maximum width: 190"
  • Minimum height: 8"
  • Maximum height: 144"
  • Minimum depth for inside mount = 2".
  • Minimum depth for flush inside mount = 3 3/4"
  • 3 1/2" Dust cover valance included with vane matching insert.
  • Available with left or right stack free of charge. Split draw is also available free of charge.
  • Aluminum headrail with self aligning carriers for easy operation.
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines.
  • Custom made in the USA.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Fabric vertical blind vanes come with sewn-in weights on the bottom.
  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee.


Vertical Blinds - Deluxe Valance Tuscany Trim

Deluxe Valance Tuscany Trim

Vertical Blinds - Deluxe Valance Elegance Trim

Deluxe Valance Elegance Trim

Vertical Blinds - Deluxe Valance Executive Trim

Deluxe Valance Executive Trim

Vertical Blinds - Deluxe Double Valance

Deluxe Double Valance

Vertical Blinds - Square Corner Valance

Deluxe Valance Executive Trim

Vertical Blinds - Round Corner Valance

Round Corner Valance

Control Options

Vertical Blinds - Standard Cord & Chain Control

Standard Cord & Chain Control

  • Cord traverses louvers
  • Chain control rotates the louvers up to 180 degrees
Vertical Blinds - One-Way Draw

One-Way Draw

  • Reversible track stacks to the left or right
  • Stack and controls are on the same side of the headrail
Vertical Blinds - Reverse One-Way Draw

Reverse One-Way Draw

  • Reversible track stacks to the left or right
  • Controls are on opposite end of the headrail from the stack
Vertical Blinds - Split Draw

Split Draw

  • Vanes stack equally on both sides of the headrail
  • Controls can be on the left or right side
Vertical Blinds - Wand Control

Wand Control

  • Optional wand twists to rotate louvers
  • Use wand to traverse louvers across opening
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